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New Titles Spring 2004

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Blood on the Borders - A ‘Simon Forman’ mystery

It is May Day 1592 and, after a night of revelry and a day tending the sick, Dr Simon Forman falls into bed utterly exhausted. Soon afterwards, he is woken by a man on his doorstep who is dying from a sword thrust, and next morning Simon is summoned to Whitehall, accused of harbouring enemies of the state.

David II

David II, 1329-1371 - Michael Penman

This is the first in-depth study of four decades of crucially formative Scottish history. David II (1329-71), son of the hero King of Scots, Robert Bruce (1306-29), has suffered a harsh historical press. Penman provides are far more three dimentional image of the actions of one of the longest reigning Scottish kings.

The Dundee Whalers - Norman Watson

The first study of what was Britain’s leading whaling port.

The ‘Inevitable’ Union and other essays on Early Modern Scotland - Maurice Lee Jnr.
A lifetime’s writings by one of the foremost historians of early-modern Scotland.
ISBN:1 86232 107 8, Hardback £25

Jinglin’ Geordie’s Legacy: A History of George Heriot’s School - Brian R.W. Lockhart
In 1621, George Heriot, the Edinburgh goldsmith and moneylender to royalty whose success earned him the nickname ‘Jinglin’ Geordie’, instructed his advocate to purchase landed property in the vicinity of Edinburgh, his intention being to found a ‘Hospitall and Seminarie of Orphans … and fathirles childrene’. This is the history of his school.
ISBN: 1 86232 257 0; Paperback £16.99

John Ferguson, 1836-1906: Irish Issues in Scottish Politics - Elaine McFarland First biography of Ferguson. A portrait of the Irish in 19th-century Scotland. Describes the origins of the Scottish Labour Party.
Paperback £12.99, ISBN: 1 86232 164 7

Outlaws of Medieval Scotland: Challenges to the Canmore Kings, 1058-1266 - R. Andrew McDonald
Violence and insurrection in the medieval kingdom.
ISBN: 1 86232 236 8, Hardback £20

The Lowland Clearances: Scotland’s Silent Revolution 1760-1830 - Peter Aitchison and Andrew Cassell

The Highland Clearances are a well documented episode in Scotland’s past but they were not unique. The process began in the Scottish Lowlands nearly a century before the glens and straths were emptied of people. Tens of thousands of Lowlanders were moved from the land by estate owners who replaced them with livestock or enclosed fields of crops.

The National Health Service In Scotland: Origins And Ideals, 1900-1950 - W. Morrice McCrae
Outlines the distinctive evolution of the NHS in Scotland.
ISBN: 1 86232 216 3, Hardback £25

Peat Fire Memories - Life in Lewis in the early Twentieth Century (Flashbacks No. 16) - Kenneth MacDonald

This collection gives a glimpse of what life was like in Lewis as MacDonald grew up – and what has been lost through the march of progress.

Pensions and Insurance Before 1800: A Social History - C.G.Lewin A book about people, risk and money – three of the most interesting aspects of human life.
Subject: Social history, Royal octavo 300pp, ISBN 1 86232 211 2, Hardback £25, Illustrated – 100 b/w

A Scottish Country Doctor, 1818-1873: Robert Pairman of Biggar Recollections by his son, Thomas Wyld Pairman
Edited by Evelyn Wright
An affectionate portrait of a nineteenth-century Dr. Finlay.
Subject: History, Demy Octavo, ISBN: 1 86232 226 0, Paperback £9.99

Scottish Life and Society Volume 3: Scotland’s Buildings - Edited by Geoffrey Stell, John Shaw and Susan Storrier

A major source book for Scotland’s building history

Scottish Life And Society A compendium of Scottish Ethnology Volume 14: Bibliography - edited by Alexander Fenton
The definitive resource in Scottish ethnology; an indispensable research tool and a cultural benchmark for Scottish heritage.
Subject: Scottish Ethnology, Royal Octavo, Illustrated: 8-page plate section, ISBN: 1 86232 241 4, Hardback £50

Scottish Queens, 1034-1714 - Rosalind K. Marshall
The first book devoted exclusively to Scotland’s Queens, this book provides lively and revealing miniature biographies of the women who ruled Scotland and the who were married to Scotland's kings.
ISBN: 1 86232 271 6, Hardback £20

‘Strange Associations’: The Irish Question and the Making of Scottish Unionism, 1886-1918 - Catriona Burness
Relevant to the question of Unionism in a devolved Scotland.
Subject: Scottish History, Royal Octavo, Illustrated : b/w, 220 pp., ISBN: 1 86232 194 9, Paperback £20

To Arras, 1917: A Volunteer's Odyssey - Walter Reid

A biography of the author’s uncle, Ernest Reid, who died in 1917, an officer in the Black Watch, of wounds sustained in the Battle of Arras.

The Wandering Giant - D.D.R. Owen
ISBN: 1 86232 127 2 Paperback £14.99

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