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Forthcoming titles for 2004

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The Architecture of Sovereignty: Parliamentary, Civic and Government Buildings of Scotland - Edited by Miles Glendinning
Puts the current sensationalized debates about the architecture of the new Parliament into a more considered, coherent, long-term historical context. Lavishly illustrated
ISBN: 1 86232 256 2, Paperback £30


A British Frontier? Lairds and Gentlemen in the Eastern Borders, 1540-1603 - Maureen M. Meikle
Throws new light on border life in the run up to the Union of the Crowns. A micro-history of a landed society.
Subject: History, Royal octavo, Illustrated: b/w section, ISBN: 1 86232 261 9, Paperback £20


The Forth and Clyde Canal: A History - Thomas J. Dowds
The Forth and Clyde Canal, completed in 1790, was by far the largest engineering project that had ever been seen in Scotland.
ISBN: 1 86232 232 5; Paperback £9.99


Glencoe and Beyond: The Sheepfarming Years, 1780-1830 - Iain S. Macdonald.
The story of indigenous sheep-farming in the Highlands. Challenges the view that sheep-farming was introduced by Lowland incomers.
ISBN: 1 86232 159 0, Paperback £16.99

Lordship and Architecture

Lordship and Architecture in Medieval and Renaissance Scotland - Edited by Richard Oram and Geoffrey Stell
These essays constitute the first radical reassessment since the 19th century of the role of architecture as an expression of lordship and status amongst Scottish secular and ecclesiastical elites in the period c.1124-c.1650.
ISBN: 1 86232 109 4, Paperback £20.00


Pipers: A Guide to the Players and Music of the Highland Bagpipe - William Donaldson A lively introductory guide to what pipers do and why. Showing how ‘tradition’, often thought of as a vague and anonymous process, is in fact compiled by a whole succession of brilliantly gifted individual teachers, players and composers.
ISBN: 1 86232 291 0; Pbk £9.99


Pirate Queen The Life of Grace O’Malley 1530-1603 - Judith Cook
In a life stranger than any fiction, Grace O’Malley, daughter of a clan chief in County Mayo, went from marriage at fifteen to piracy on the high seas.


Princelie Majestie: The Court of James V of Scotland, 1528-1542 - Andrea Thomas First comprehensive account of the culture of James V’s reign. Many illustrations not reproduced before.
ISBN: 1 86232 120 5, Paperback £20.


The Royal Navy in Scotland - Brian Lavery A history from 1700 to the present.
ISBN:1 86232 173 6, Hardback £25


Salt Herring on Saturday: The Fishertown of Nairn Last Century - Margaret M. Bochel
ISBN: 1 86232 246 5, Paperback £7.99


Scottish Country Life - James Fenton
A folklife classic, a book about historical change, seen through the eyes of the people themselves, through the tools they used, through the food they ate, through the buildings in which they lived and worked.
ISBN: 1 86232 066 7 Illustrated 270 pages paperback £14.99


‘Shaken Together in the Bag of Affliction’: SCOTTISH EXILES IN THE NETHERLANDS, 1660-1690 ( Scottish Historical Review Monograph No. 13) - Ginny Gardner
Piecing together evidence from an extensive range of manuscripts in Britain and the Netherlands, Ginny Gardner reveals both the character and structure of this unique group of refugees.
Subject: History Royal octavo ISBN: 1 86232 266 X Illustrated; Hardback £30

The West Highland Railway: Plans, Politics and People - John McGregor
‘Railway mania’ caught the public imagination. A seething mass of politicking and lobbying went on behind the scenes.
Subject: Railway History, Royal Octavo, Illustrated: B/w plate section, 300 pages, ISBN: 1 86232 197 3, Paperback £20

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