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Scottish Country Life

Alexander Fenton

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This is a reissue, with some new illustrations, of a folklife classic, a book about historical change, seen through the eyes of the people themselves, through the tools they used, through the food they ate, through the buildings in which they lived and worked. It shows the workings of the countryside and its regions in thirteen chapters on hitherto little explored subjects. It shows that the judgement of the past should not be influenced by present attitudes - a crude-looking tool may be better adapted to its environment than up-to-date machinery. This book provides awareness and understanding of the past that has shaped our countryside.

Topics covered include: Plough and Spade; Dykes and Drains; Seed-time and Harvest; Root Crops; Other Fodder Crops; Soft Fruits; Stooks and Stacks; Threshing and Drying; Grinding; Grass and Hay; Cattle and Byres; Horses and Harness; Sheep and Wool; Home and Hearth; Pigs and Poultry; Veterinary; Farm Workers; Laird and Tenant; Fuel for the Fire; Transport; Crafts and Trades; Fairs and Markets; Food and Drink. There is also an historical introduction and a bibliography.

ISBN: 1 86232 066 7 Illustrated 270 pages paperback 14.99