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Scotland's Buildings

Scottish Life and Society Volume 3:

Edited by
Geoffrey Stell, John Shaw and Susan Storrier

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Subject: History
ISBN: 1 86232 123 X
Dec 2003
Over 200 illustrations; Hardback £40

A major source book for Scotland’s building history

In recent times there has been a substantial flow of Scottish books on architectural themes. Scotland’s Buildings goes further than these. The concept of ‘buildings’ is taken to include structures built for any functional purpose. That is why harbours, mines, roads and canals, and gardens, for example, appear in this book. The perspective of the volume is thus very wide, which gives it a unique quality.

A three-pronged approach was adopted. The first considers dwellings at all social levels from castles and palaces to housing for seasonal agricultural workers. The second is concerned with community buildings across a broad range of social functions and public services, from religion and local government to recreation and defence. The third relates to work places associated with Scottish industry and business. The picture presented, therefore, has to do first and foremost with the living environment of human beings within their households and communities, as they seek to earn their daily bread and as they spend their later years. The result is a major three-dimensional historical source.

Geoffrey Stell is Head of Architecture, Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland; John Shaw is Curator of Environmental Social History, National Museums of Scotland; Susan Storrier is Deputy Director, European Ethnological Research Centre.