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Magic and Witchcraft in Sixteenth-Century Scotland

P. G. Maxwell-Stuart

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Subject: Scottish History
234x136mm 282 pages
Illustrated: no
ISBN: 1 86232 136 1
Paperback £16.99

The evidence for magic and witchcraft in sixteenth-century Scotland lies scattered in unpublished manuscripts, nineteenth and early twentieth-century transcriptions, and passing remarks in the histories of shires and burghs. Its constituent parts have never before been brought together or discussed as a whole, and the authorís object in this study is to lay the material in front of the reader and make some preliminary suggestions about how it can be interpreted, in the hope that future scholars of Scottish witchcraft in particular will be able more easily to construct their theories with the bricks he has provided. He does not claim to have uncovered all the existing material on this subject, for there are certainly caches of papers and further references still to be found. But there is a great deal here which has not been seen in print before, and the picture of Scottish witchcraft produced is very different from the one which is normally painted.

Author: P.G.Maxwell-Stuart is Research Fellow in the Department of History, University of St Andrews.