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Marianne Holligan
Flashbacks No. 15

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Subject: Scottish History
Demy octavo
Illustrated: 8pp b/w plate section
98 pages
ISBN: 1 86232 215 5
paperback £7.99

This volume is based on two sources: the handwritten notes of Mrs Marianne Holligan, born in 1912 and resident in the miners’ rows of Newcraighall from then until 1940, and tape recordings of Mrs Holligan by the late Dr Alan Bruford, Archivist of the School of Scottish Studies in the University of Edinburgh. As it now stands, this volume is a combination of taped interview transcription and written prose narrative taken from Mrs Holligan’s own writings. She is herself a most unusual lady with considerable literary powers, and she tells a good tale.

“I never met my grandfather but when granny talked about him she’d always say, ‘If ah never had anything tae eat, then ah’d something tae look at’. She was a wee woman and he was over six feet tall and because he had a black beard and hairy beetling eyebrows, my family called him, ‘The man behind the bush’. My mother would say, ‘How they ever met, ah’ll never know’.