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Dundee Whalers


Norman Watson

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Subject: General Interest/History
Royal Octavo
Illustrated; 230pp
Nov 2003
ISBN: 1 86232 207 4
Pbk £14.99

 The story of Europe’s one-time top whaling port
 The whaling fleet’s remarkable contribution to polar exploration
 Dundee provided the vessels for Captain Scott, Ernest Shackleton and the American Admiral Byrd

This is the first study of what was Britain’s leading whaling port. Today, Dundee captains and the city’s whaling fleet have a permanent place in the geography of the world. Cape Adams, Cape Milne, Arctic Bay and Eclipse Sound recall an era when the city’s stoutly-built ships, manned by heroic adventurers, discovered new routes, made new friends, but seldom sailed far from danger. In Dundee itself, streets such as Whale Lane and Baffin Street serve as reminders of an era in which Dundee dominated the whaling grounds.

Moreover, the Dundee fleet has excelled as polar exploration ships, providing vessels for Captain Scott, Ernest Shackleton and Admiral Byrd, leaving a permanent reminder of the city’s historic role at Dundee Island, Antarctica. An appendix lists all the ships and their captains.

Norman Watson is a well-known journalist and leader-writer on the Dundee Courier.