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The Architecture of Sovereignty: Parliamentary, Civic and Government Buildings of Scotland

Edited by Miles Glendinning

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Subject: Architecture
Illustrated: 200 b/w
ISBN: 1 86232 256 2
Paperback £30

 Puts the current sensationalized debates about the architecture of the new Parliament into a more considered, coherent, long-term historical context
 Lavishly illustrated

This exciting and lavishly illustrated book - a historical overview of Scottish buildings of government and assembly from the Middle Ages to the present day – sets Scotland’s new parliament in the broader context of the nation’s architectural and social history. The Architecture of Sovereignty is just one of a series of authoritative books on key building types by RCAHMS – Scotland’s national survey and archive of the historic built environment. In sharp contrast to the traditional Victorian and early 20th- century concept of the grand, monumental parliament building standing self-centred and in isolation, it shows how parliaments have found just one element in a complex and constantly changing mosaic of buildings of legislation and administration, both national and civic. And it demonstrates how this architectural complexity has mirrored the ever-shifting patterns of Scottish society itself. In The Architecture of Sovereignty, the evolution from feudalism to Presbyterian imperialism and, in turn, to modern social democracy is, literally, inscribed in stone – in the great halls of kingly power as much as in the town halls of Victorian civic pride and the towers of 20th-century welfare administration.

Miles Glendinning’s previous publications include Rebuilding Scotland (Tuckwell Press) as well as The History of Scottish Architecture, with Aonghus MacKechnie and Ranald MacInnes; and Tower Blocks, with Stefan Muthesius.