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Celtic Scotland in the Medieval Era Edited by E.J.Cowan and R. Andrew McDonald

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Subject: Scottish History
ISBN: 1 86232 151 5
282 pages
Paperback 16.99 May 2000

Celtic Scotland in the Middle Ages has hitherto been neglected - this book fills the gap. This volume commemorates, complements and, in several aspects, revises, some of the findings of W.F.Skene's Celtic Scotland published over a century ago. A group of distinguished Scottish medievalists examines various aspects of the history of Celtic or Gaelic-speaking Scotland from the sub-Roman period to the sixteenth century. It is the first such volume to scrutinise in detail the history of the Highlands and Islands incorporating the most up-to-date research. It examines the evolution of the idea of 'Celtic Scotland', tracing the historiography of the Gaidhealtachd through the Caledonians, the Picts and the first medieval writings in the area. It investigates such areas as Galloway as well as surveying politics, culture and the church in the context of the great medieval lordships such as those of the Isles, Argyll, Moray and Ross and demonstrates how the histories of such provinces were integrated into that of Scotland at large.

Edward J. Cowan is Professor of Scottish History at the University of Glasgow. R. Andrew McDonald is Assistant Professor of History at the University College of Cape Breton in Nova Scotia, Canada.